My name is Jason Zook and I wrote a book that I think you might be interested in traditionally publishing (or not, let's find out!) 

Do It Differently Book Cover

Wait, the book is already done?

Ahhh, this is where things get interesting. You see, I just finished writing this book. It's my second book (I'll talk more about the first book in a moment). But this second book is titled Do It Differently and it's essentially 100% completed.

I don't mean the first draft of the book is done. I mean I've taken multiple passes and have a nearly finished version of the book! The cover art is also done, the book is ready for formatting, and I've already generated buzz for the book (as you'll read more about below). 

You don't write a book titled Do It Differently if you aren't going to approach every aspect of the book differently. That's why you're reading this website right now. I'm looking to work with a traditional publisher for this book, a publisher that likes thinking outside the box and doesn't want to have to do ALL the work you'd normally need to do with an author.

Seems fun, ya? Let's keep going...


Do It Differently will help the reader write their own blueprint (the anti-blueprint) for life and business using six key principles.

I use stories from my own entrepreneurial roller coaster, sharing what it's actually like to run multiple businesses, chase down big ideas, and battle the pressures of society (and self) along the way. 

As you can see, there's also a fun illustrated character who'll live inside Do It Differently. He's a little alien named Roy. Roy is from a far off galaxy and his species specializes in simplifying big topics into actionable items. 

Throughout the book Roy leads the reader through important steps and gives practical takeaways for the reader to do things differently in life and business. Who doesn't love a fun, memorable mascot breaking down big topics into bitesize snippets?

(And there's a preview of the book you can download if you keep scrolling 👍🏻.)



Who is Do It Differently for?

This book is being written for anyone who knows deep down in their gut that doing things the same way doesn't work. The primary audience is small business owners, mostly online-focused, ranging in age from 25-40 years old, who know that it takes more than just starting a business to succeed. 

Do It Differently is for the risk-takers who haven't given themselves permission to take a risk yet. And that doesn't have to be a skydiving-sized risk, it just means going against the status quo; whether that's marketing a business, being on social media, getting out of debt, navigating relationships and love, or a handful of other topics I cover in the book. 

This is the audience I reach and help right now with my writing, projects, podcasts, etc. And, you'll read quotes from these folks throughout this site!

Here are published books this audience is already enjoying...

Essentialism (Greg McKweon)
Braving the Wilderness (Brené Brown)
Rework (Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson)
The Year of Less (Cait Flanders)
Steal Like an Artist (Austin Kleon)
Perennial Seller (Ryan Holiday)
Start With Why (Simon Sinek)


Do It Differently Reviews

Read an excerpt of Do It Differently

I've put together a few chapters of the book so you know what it's about, how it reads, and can get a feel for it.

Don't see the button? Click here to download the PDF preview.

If you're interested in reading the entire book, I'm happy to provide that as well (just mention that when you fill out the contact form at the bottom of this site).

Note: The preview PDF has been lightly formatted, but the illustrations and a few other items are still being completed.


The way things have always been done is NOT the way things have to be done.


“Jason is the perfect amount of crazy and hard-working to make his ideas happen. Not only that, but he cares about the people involved in his projects and that matters to me.”

— Gary Vaynerchuk (yes, an actual quote from Gary)


Aren't quotes from famous people great social proof? I'll share some additional social proof below (you know, stats about me), but I also wanted to mention this isn't my first rodeo. Not only is it not my first author'ing rodeo, but it's not my first different-project-rodeo. Here are three projects where I've done things differently and gotten some pretty awesome attention for them:


From 2009 to 2013 I got paid to wear a different sponsored t-shirt every single day. I was a "social media influencer" before that term existed (and before that term was cringeworthy). IWearYourShirt netted over $1,200,000 in its time and was featured on The Today Show, CBS Evening News, CNN, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, and a ton more.


If you thought wearing a sponsored t-shirt was weird, how about auctioning off your last name? Yep, I did that... twice! In 2013 I donned (legally!) the name Jason HeadsetsDotCom. In 2014 I was Jason SurfrApp. USA Today and the New York Times both wrote about this crazy project.


My wife and I create a lot of things. Online courses, workshops, software products, e-guides, etc. We decided to package up all our offerings into one super-unique "product" people could purchase called BuyOurFuture. It included everything we'd ever made and ever will make for one amazing price. Over 400 people have purchased this offering since 2015. We've been able to build an amazing community of creative entrepreneurs with BuyOurFuture.

And now a very applicable previous project... 


There's one more "different" project I want to share...

I mentioned I wasn't a first-time author. In 2014 I decided to write and self-publish my first book, titled Creativity For Sale. I knew I didn't want to write and publish that book like other authors (I also didn't want to make $0 like many first-time authors).

I came up with the idea to have 140-character messages on the bottom of all 200 pages of my first book. I called the project SponsorMyBook and was able to generate $75,000 in revenue through the page and cover "sponsorships" before the book was even written. The beauty of this project was proving that I'd built a great following and awesome relationships with people and companies over the years who were willing to support my authoring dream before even writing the book! 

A cool side-note: I was nervous about the advertisements in the pages of the book, but people ended up loving them. Many of them were creative and added to my entrepreneurial story.

You probably care about the Creativity For Sale book sales numbers, ya? While sales were never my goal (since I made a great "advance"), I was able to move a bunch of copies of my first book through my own channels.



custom edition paperback copies of the book were sold


digital copies of the book sold (Amazon, iBooks, Nook, etc)


5-star reviews on Amazon/Average overall rating on Goodreads 

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 10.56.17 AM.png

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Jason keeps it real, with tales of triumphs and failures. He gives practical advice on how to do things right and what things to avoid, all born from his actual experience. I found his creativity and ideas truly thought provoking."

- Todd F (Amazon Reader)


"I absolutely love this book! Not only does Jason's personality shine through his writing style, he offers candid advice, solid tips and a genuine viewpoint of the lessons he has learned from being an entrepreneur. This book left me with all the feels, but mainly a sense of encouragement and excitement to start working on my own projects! Highly recommend."

- Sue C (Goodreads reader)


"Amazing. This is for anybody. But especially if you want a little creative encouragement. This is super easy to read and Jason is vulnerable and honest with the practical info he shares. Some people only talk about their successes and it's all good but the reality is things don't always go as planned and Jason shows you how to persevere through some bumps in the road and he just flat out encourages you to go for it!"

- Joshua R (Amazon reader)


👉 Feel free to read more reviews on Amazon or Goodreads.



I know it's important to share my reach with you, so here are those numbers.

12,450 Email Subscribers

I'm not one of those people who tries to have a massive email list. I focus on keeping email engagement way up and I regularly delete cold subscribers. In 2016 I deleted over 30,000 subscribers. I really embody this "doing things differently" mantra.

33,900 Twitter Followers

I love Twitter. I've been on it since 2007. And, ready for it? I'm probably the only person you'll ever meet who un-verified their Twitter account. (You'll also notice I only follow 20ish people... I don't game Twitter. My followers have been earned through years of conversations.)

50,000ish Website Visitors

I've spent a ton of time building my virtual home ( and making it useful for people. I average 50,000 monthly unique website visitors and my monthly traffic has doubled year over year since I got serious about writing weekly content to help my fellow creative entrepreneurs (and to share my adventures in doing things differently).

100,000+ Folks I Can Reach

I pride myself on having cultivated awesome relationships with fellow online biz owners who have email audiences of their own. These are friends who also live the ethos of doing it differently and would be willing to shout my book to their virtual rooftops when the time is right! 

370,000+ Podcast Listens

I put out a weekly podcast called "The Action Army." Each week I visit the earballs (yes, earballs) of creative entrepreneurs around the world. I also co-host a seasonal show with my Internet BFF Paul Jarvis called Invisible Office Hours. Both shows focus on the mission of getting people to do things differently in life and biz.

2,800 Instagram Peeps

Instagram is my social network of choice. Not because I have the most followers there, just because I really enjoy using it. My number of followers won't blow you away, but I assumed you'd want to know.

Numbers are great, but...

How about showing you that I have an engaged community? The messages below were sent in by just a small handful of my email subscribers. I like to think of these like book pre-reviews!

Click the right or left arrow to read more (and more, and more).

Do It Different Book Cover Full

Let's talk brass tacks (before March 31, please)

As a self-published author, I could easily stay in that world. I could upload my book to all the various sites (Amazon, iBooks, etc). I could do my own marketing for the book. Sell thousands of copies of the book. Yada yada. 

But... with a book titled Do It Differently, I want to do just that when it comes to publishing this book. Plus, don't you think it makes for quite a great finishing chapter of the book itself to talk about how our relationship started together? 

Because we're both busy, I'd love to hear from you by March 31st.

Yes, I'm setting a deadline. I think you'll actually appreciate that, because we're both busy and we both have lots of projects we're working on. Deadlines are wonderful; they help us get things done! 

If you don't need to read any more and you want to chat about working together, fill out the contact form below.

Has your interest been piqued?


Now let's get even MORE honest with each other...

What I'm looking for

I've dropped some hints about how much money I made with my own book "advance" with my first book along with book sales numbers.

There's no doubt in my mind that my second book will do even better than the first, especially with someone awesome like you at my side. We both know the traditional book publishing industry is changing, and I'm excited to meet you if you've read through this website and have a good feeling about this crazy idea.

What I have planned

I'm not about to just sit back and expect you to do all the work for me, no ma'am!

I'm planning on building a kickass website for Do It Differently (that feels very different). I want to do a full photoshoot with the book in the real world, so it's not just a few lame photos of the book on a table. I'll be hiring a professional photographer and coaxing a few friends to help out with the creative book photos and an awesome book video trailer. 

I also plan on building up for a nice launch of this book to my email subscribers, website visitors, social media followers, podcast listeners, and friends alike. 


I'm not interested in

Listen, I said I was going to get MORE honest. I'm not looking to travel the world doing a big book tour. While I love kissing babies and signing books, I also really enjoy the freedom that working for myself brings. I would be up for visiting a few bigger cities if that makes sense.

I'm not interested in changing too much about this book. Yes, I will need to write the chapter about you coming on board, but I feel really great about the title, the art, Roy the alien, and the stories and lessons to be learned throughout (of course, we can chat about this!).

I'm excited for these things

I'm genuinely excited to give up the majority of book revenue because I know you have a network of places the book can reach more readers.


I have a solid amount of experience speaking and doing videos/podcasting, so recording an audiobook sounds like a blast to me. Let's make this fun and different (feel free to see if Morgan Freeman is available for voiceover work).

I'll be reaching out to friends who have popular podcasts, entrepreneurial websites, etc, to share Do It Differently with their audiences. I landed 30 podcast interviews on my own for a project in 2015 and I'm sure we could do even more together.

And finally, I'm excited to partner with someone like you who thinks outside the box and believes in this ethos of doing things differently!


IMG_0967 2.jpg

Still reading? Then let's chat! Fill out the fancy contact form (remember, before March 31st please).

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